30 Day Challenge – New Website Idea Everyday

Google Matt Cutts with John M Weaver

30 Day Challenge – New Website Idea Everyday

So with the Matt Cutts 30 day challenge I posted back in March I came up with the idea to come up with a new website idea everyday. After a few days I took it one step further and began purchasing domain names for my ideas.

After 30 days of domain acquisition I can honestly say I have more SEO ideas running through my head than ever before. Some of these sites will be created with white-hat SEO strategies while others are going to be fun with a black-hat edge.

Start snagging domains for your ideas!

John M. Weaver

John M. Weaver has been a Kansas City SEO since 2005. A Kansas City native that spends his time chasing his kiddos when he isn't saving the world from poorly optimized websites.

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